Why How & What. . .

Currently reading a book by Maududi on “Come Let us Change the World” According to Maududi owing to the fact that life on earth is meant to be a period of trial and tribulation, there is no accountability here in the ultimate sense. Whatever ones received in this life is not a reward for his/her good deeds but add to further trials and tribulations. Calamities and disasters that occurs are not the punishment for any evil deeds, but of a result of physical laws (Allah ordained) which man has no control. The time for accountability, the sifting of deeds and the passing of judgements there upon shall be after this life and is named hereafter. The only way of knowing which actions and deeds will produce good resulte during the judgement day is through the revelation (wahyu – i.e.the Quraan). – Tajdid wa Ihya-e-din, February 1940 pp 29-30.


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